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Witch Hunting Season

Has witch hunting season started, or has the 2021 season not ended yet?

There's a lot of witch hunting going on these days and all i can think is...will anyone spare a thought for the brave witches?

Room Escape Series

This series of paintings is based around the fantastic photography of Eugenio Recuenco

The 'Lost Tommies'

A series of portraits based on recently discovered and developed photographs of WW1 and other soldiers from history. In a batch of photographs referred to as 'The Lost Tommies' soldiers are depicted in candid poses alone posing for the camera or amongst friends. Through the art of being recoloured, they offer a better glimpse into the past than we've ever had

A Bit Political...

Politics has gone crazy at the moment and has seemed to infect everyone's lives. I like to produce political paintings not from a left perspective and not from a right perspective, but from the perspective of people who are sick to the back teeth of all the arguing, lies and bullying that seems to go hand in hand with political debate these days. Hopefully when i make a comment the vast majority of sane lefty's and righty's can find something to agree with within them.

Skin, Skin and a bit more Skin!

In my pursuit to find more and more effective ways to paint skin I've been looking for characters with a lot of skin on show. The more skin the better...